Jan 6, 2015

Print version layout done - Thanks Hugh Howey

There it is. 155 pages.

Everything is properly layed out and ready for print. I have to give massive thanks to Hugh Howey for his tutorials on book creation. With only a little bit of minor tweaking to get full-bleed interiors working (what you want if you are having images go right to the edge of the page, like you can see in my example) everything came together pretty easily.

Here are links to his tutorials, I can't recommend them enough:

Book interior layout in InDesign:

Book Cover in InDesign:

eBook editing in Sigil and Calibre:

Thanks Hugh.

And to give something back I'll cover the little things you need to know for full -bleed interiors for Createspace.
for a 5x8 book:

  • File>Document Setup
  • Type in 0.125 in where it says Bleed Top
  • All the Bleed values will change to match
  • Click the little chain Icon on the far right after 'Outside' to unlock the fields from eachother
  • Change 'Inside' bleed ONLY back to 0
  • Hit OK

A red bleed area will appear around the pages
Add your art and make sure anything you want to be full page goes right to the edge of the red bleed marks

Export Settings:

  • File>Export
  • set the pdf save location
  • In the export settings panel
  • Marks and Bleeds
  • Check the box for use document settings

That's it. Seems to be working so far. I'll edit this post if I learn anything new.

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