Feb 20, 2014

I've been editing!

The book is going well. I've been busy editing and fixing lots of issues.

I finally got around to painting my drawing of a hermit crab reaching down into a crack in the sandstone looking for a snack. This happens at night and I wasn't quite sure how to handle darker watercolors but it seemed to work out ok. I should probably lower the contrast of the rocks on the far left bottom of the image, they are distracting.

Here is some of the text that goes along with this image:

Her view of the sky was blocked as the hermit slammed itself into the crack. Hissing, it stretched its pincers down, reaching for Ollie.
"Snarz!” Ollie yelled, staying on her back away from the straining claws.
Snarz, still trying to dig at the crab’s armor chittered back at her.
The hermit’s claws, extending down into the crack from the turret shell didn’t get any closer. The hermit slammed its shell against the edges of the crack again and again. Chips of gritty sandstone rained down into the trench.
“I think it’s stuck! It can’t reach down here!” Ollie said as she looked for a way out. In one direction the crack pinched tight, blocking off any possible escape. In the other direction it seemed to widen, which would mean more of the crab could fit down into the crevice.
The hiss of the hermit had suddenly become a frustrated howl. Ollie looked up in horror as a deep sucking sound echoed from the cavern of its batillaria shell.

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