Dec 5, 2014

Sep 6, 2014

Cover fonts

Everything is coming together for the Cindercast book. Manuscript is done, most of the art is inked (I need to do a paint pass of each panel) and I need to work on the cover.

I'm looking into typography and it's an area where I have little expertise. I know what I like and hopefully that will be enough to help me craft exactly the cover I'm looking for.

Two resources I found while researching fonts were the sites: fontsquirrel and fontspace. Both have a ton of really useful, unique and interesting fonts and you can search by 'for commercial use'. Which is good.

Jul 26, 2014

Something Lurks

Under the driftwood, deep in the shadows, something lurks.

This was a fun one. Completed in two evenings. I have probably another five panels of art to get through so I'm getting close to being finished. Finally.

Jul 25, 2014

Ollie descends a strand of seaweed

Here Ollie and Snarz climb down from a boulder separated from the rest of the beach by a deep ravine. Anemones lurk at the bottom, curled up during the low tide.

Jul 19, 2014

The leap is done.

 Here is the finished Inked version of Ollie and Snarz leaping. They jumped from a barnacle high on the side of a sandstone cliff.

The panel, which I've started to ink is our heroes climbing down strands of seaweed to anemones tucked into a ravine on the beach.

Jul 15, 2014

Ollie and Snarz leap! New art.

Here is the start to the next panel of art I'm working on. Ollie and Snarz have just leaped from a great height to follow a clue that will hopefully point them in the direction of home.

Still needs some background drawn in and then some thicker lines to separate and add silhouettes to the forms.

Jul 10, 2014

This one is about halfway finished

A nice clean drawing of this moment. Angry hermit crab straining its claws down into a crack in the sandstone.

Life is tough on the beach when pretty much everything is a giant monster in size compared to you.

This one went nice and quickly. I'm about two hours into this one and will be finished detailing the rocky canyon in probably another hour. Which is good, as I have a lot more of these to get through if this book is ever going to be finished.

Jul 8, 2014

Another panel of art finished

Ollie and Snarz, exhausted, sleep on the belly of a barnacle. Waiting for the shore to break free of the high tide. Shorebreak.

Jul 3, 2014

Another one done. Moving on!

Another panel inked. I'm going to press on and get the rest of them done and then I'll go back and paint them all.

In other news here is a petition from the authors that are getting treated well by amazon and explains why as reader you should be behind them rather than be talking about boycotting them amazon).

Jun 30, 2014

What is that sound coming from behind the oyster shell?

I'll have to finish this panel for you to find out. It finally feels like I'm making progress on the art, switching back to pen and paper has sped things up considerably.

Jun 29, 2014

That's three!

Here is the third panel I've finished inking. These aren't in chronological order in the narrative, they are just angles and viewpoints in the story I've had in my head for a while now.

These are all going to get more work done. I'm going to paint them and fix a few things once I have them scanned.

Jun 26, 2014

Inking of this panel is done.

Time to start the next one. Going back to pencilpen and paper has helped me get moving on the artwork.  Lots more to do.

Jun 24, 2014

Jun 21, 2014

Back at it!

Now that Game of Thrones has wrapped for the year I can finally get back to being productive on the book. I've found that the best time to work on it is on my commute (I take a ferry) Or in the evenings. I've also convinced myself I need an MS Surface Pro 3 to really be efficient.

But since that isn't going to happen anytime soon I'm going to do most of the work on the art for the first book analog, old school.  Pen and paper it is!

Feb 20, 2014

I've been editing!

The book is going well. I've been busy editing and fixing lots of issues.

I finally got around to painting my drawing of a hermit crab reaching down into a crack in the sandstone looking for a snack. This happens at night and I wasn't quite sure how to handle darker watercolors but it seemed to work out ok. I should probably lower the contrast of the rocks on the far left bottom of the image, they are distracting.

Here is some of the text that goes along with this image:

Her view of the sky was blocked as the hermit slammed itself into the crack. Hissing, it stretched its pincers down, reaching for Ollie.
"Snarz!” Ollie yelled, staying on her back away from the straining claws.
Snarz, still trying to dig at the crab’s armor chittered back at her.
The hermit’s claws, extending down into the crack from the turret shell didn’t get any closer. The hermit slammed its shell against the edges of the crack again and again. Chips of gritty sandstone rained down into the trench.
“I think it’s stuck! It can’t reach down here!” Ollie said as she looked for a way out. In one direction the crack pinched tight, blocking off any possible escape. In the other direction it seemed to widen, which would mean more of the crab could fit down into the crevice.
The hiss of the hermit had suddenly become a frustrated howl. Ollie looked up in horror as a deep sucking sound echoed from the cavern of its batillaria shell.