Nov 30, 2013

Ollie and Snarz leap!

Another finished pencil-ink-watercolor.

Lost on the shoreline, Ollie and Snarz leap from a great height, risking everything for a clue to lead them home.

I worked on this painting over two nights and I'm pretty happy how it came out. I like having the partial background. I actually had the sky completely filled in behind them at one point, but found that the characters felt better silhouetted against white.

I feel I've been pretty consistent in how I've been drawing Ollie and Snarz lately, having settled on the basics of her outfit and gear. Two-tone blues for tank-top and skirt. gladiator sandals, backpack, hair in braided dreads with thread and beads woven in, and her bandolier of cinderblocks.

To find out what she's doing with the line she'd just let go of you'll have to read the book.

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