Aug 26, 2013

Speed painting of Snarz the crab

A quick painting of Snarz the crab before I go back into editing mode. Still lots of work to do on the edit. I just checked the word count and I'm up to 22150. It seems to slowly be getting bigger, I'm not sure if editing is supposed to mean 'add more'...

Aug 25, 2013

Still going....

Work continues on the story. The beautiful summer weather has slowed down progress a little but things are still moving forward. I've let a few beta readers chew into it and I've changed some things based on their notes. Overall the feedback has been very positive.

The best kinds of notes are from people that can imagine how else the story might be instead of how it currently is. I love getting notes like "I'd like to know what she's thinking at this point..." Helps me see things I might have missed along the way.

Aug 11, 2013