Jan 7, 2013

Sketches (Ollie and Snarz)

I've been doing more sketching in between trying to rework the text of the story.  Here are three pencil sketches all featuring my main character Ollie.  She's supposed to be about ten.  I tend to draw her a little lanky if I'm not careful and she comes out looking older.

By her side in two of them is Snarz, her eight legged crab companion.  Snarz' design has been changing a lot as I've been experimenting with his eyes and pincer proportions, also with how pointy to make his 'eyebrows'.  I've gone back to an earlier design here that I like a lot better than my more recent attempts.  This pointy look for the shell/carapace above his eyes was inspired by a cat ears.

The other feature here is the loop Ollie packs around.  The square spiral patterns decorating the loop in the third drawing is where the design is going.  They will be an important part of the story.