Dec 11, 2012

Trying out digital oil paint

I wasn't entirely happy with the colors I was getting with my watercolor experiments.  I think I want something more vibrant and saturated.  This is an experiment using oil paints in Art Rage starting from a blank canvas and building up layers of color.

It's a scene in the story where our hero and her trusty companion find some shelter in an unlikely place.

I was trying to get a feeling of morning light filtering through a crack in the ceiling of where they're cuddled up.  If I do decide to stay with oils for color the final art for this scene would probably end up looking a lot like this.

I found when painting with the oils it was much easier to control to color saturation than with watercolors.  I just completely covered the paper and built up the hues I wanted, with watercolors the color of the paper seems to play a more significant role as you tend to dilute and add water to bring things back to white.


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    1. Thanks! I'll have to try a few more paintins with the oil before I decide if thats the style I want to move ahead with.