Nov 18, 2012

Quick pencil sketch

Just a quick sketch of some characters about to clash with a big threat.  I was trying to find a way to see my hero's reactions without having to put the perspective over the shoulder or behind what they are reacting to.  I feel this works pretty well.

Nov 13, 2012

Revisions and art

There's been some progress.  I've rewritten the first chapter and also lengthened the story by adding a teaser chapter of the next part of the story, which lets me finish with a cliffhanger.  It's now currently at 13100 words.  Which will probably come down as I continue to revise things.

I'm also starting to insert temp artwork.  Either things I've drawn that fit the story or quick sketches to fill in areas that I think need art.

I'm almost ready to start getting other opinions on things and will reach out to friends who feel like writing and commenting on what I have so far.