Sep 27, 2012

Working on character design

So here is another artrage pencil and paint experiment.  I'm trying to figure out her outfit and a color scheme.  The clothes I had her in before were a little too simple, this is working better.  The tied wraparound skirt gives me cool cloth bits to have the wind whip around, and the gladiator style sandals seem a bit more rugged than the simple sandals.  I'm not totally convinced about the gloves/arm warmers with bracelets worn on top, well see if those stick around past this painting.

Her hair is supposed to be colored braids/dreds.  Hopefully that's how it comes across.

I think she feels too lanky in this painting, arms and legs feel a bit long.  For the next one I'm going to work on her proportions more as she's supposed to be about ten years old.

1 comment:

  1. I love her face and eyes! I agree about her lankiness. Would you consider a more plucky stature? Not too chubby of course! ;) The sandals are great and I like the gauntlets. I love that you're sharing so much of the character development and I am also highly intrigued by Artrage. I want to try it too!! :)