Sep 11, 2012

Research Material

Putting the story together gave me some interesting things to research about life in the tidal zone.  I started asking my dad all kinds of questions that aren't in his area of expertise (he's a marine biologist).  If I had questions about salmon spawning I'm sure he would have been the guy to go to, but when I asked specifics about all the little snails you find on the beach he mentioned a book he would get for me.

It came in the mail a week ago and it's great.  It has an entry with pictures for most of the critters living where the story is set.  It's great reference and now I can tell apart the kinds of seaweed and have learned that some startfish can live up to twenty years.  Perfect.

Here is a link to the great book: - From Whelks to Whales

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  1. I totally want this book, but now have to go look up what a whelk is :)