Sep 30, 2012

Digital Pencils

I'm trying a few different ideas on how to illustrate this story.  As first I thought I might use the computer to do color work and stick to real pencils for the initial sketch.  However, now that I'm getting used to Artrage I'm reconsidering that.  The pencil tool works very well and I'm pretty happy to have an undo, no smudges, and a perfect eraser.  Here is a quick sketch showing the tools in action.  It was fun doing pencils with a tablet and I can't say I'd have a better result if I drew it on paper and scanned it.  Ill keep using artrage for pencils and see if it starts to bug me.  I don't think it will.


  1. This picture was drawn with Artrage? Wow!

  2. It's powerful software. The've done a really good job emulating natural media.