Sep 14, 2012

Art for you!

Here's some sketches of our characters done during my 20 min commutes to work on the ferry.  They show an adventurous girl and her little crab friend.  As you can see she's small enough to fit in a barnacle, meet a starfish, or just sit on an old mussel shell attached to a dock.  I find I have just enough time to draw one or two of these each trip.  

You can see that I've tweaked the look of her and the crab a bit over time.  Some of these were drawn a while ago and the scan of all the crab poses was drawn today.  I'm liking the slightly more rounded face and eyes of the crab,  it's easier to get expressions that don't just look angry all the time.

More about who these characters are later.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


  1. Starfish arm up in the air rocks.
    Do they ever really do that ?
    Either way looks cool...
    More drawings plz :)

  2. Unlikely that actual starfish would move like that, but wouldn't it be scary if you were her size and they could!
    More art soon- thanks for checking us out!