Sep 5, 2012

Another image test

Close up and sharp barnacles
Here are some more photographs.  All shot with a macro lens.  None of these subjects move too quickly (the crab skeleton and barnacle tie for slowest) so it was easy to get nice shots of them.  The periwinkle was unhappy I rolled him over, but didn't come out any more than this.

These pics helped inspire me to start working on a story that takes place on the beach, and has a perspective that would let you see that world from this scale.
Crab Skeleton
Periwinkle coming out to say hi


  1. The barnacle photo is by far my favourite of the 3, nice job. It looks like it's a helicopter shot flying over some crazy Tolkien mountains or something.
    Poor Frodo...

  2. Thanks! We were really lucky to be able to borrow a macro lens from one of our best friends for these shots. :)